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    Acceptable Thread Content

    Below is a list and some example of what the moderators class as acceptable and unacceptable topics for non200.


    Non 200 motoring

    Non-motoring advice/help (technical/buying)


    Recommended/humourous websites


    Not acceptable

    Threads that are classed as shite include blatent post count increasers, MSN style chit chats, posting for the sake if it (nothing better to do) and FAO someone threads (Email is a wonderful thing please use it). Also this is the SXOC and a car based website/club and although its non200 its still not Dateline or the Samaritans, so please no personal problems or dilemmas (Please feel free to use the members area for serious issues). Below is an example of shite.

    The above lists are not conclusive or cover all possibilities and are just a guide to help users.

    Please also note the Moderators decisions are final and any threads started complaining of thread closure or moderators will be deleted without explanation.
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