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Thread: White S14A 35,253 miles

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    White S14A 35,253 miles

    The time has come to sell my pride and joy white uk s14a on 35,253 miles. I have owned the car for a few years and due to a change in circumstances and needing the money else where it is up for sale unfortunately.

    I bought the car back in may 2018 and having owned a few this one was relatively stock. Unfortunately a few months after owning it the bottom end developed a knock which was annoying but one of those things. Luckily I had another engine which I planned on putting in eventually sitting there anyway. The engine had been rebuilt around 10,000 miles ago which included new bearings and gaskets throughout, cosworth head gasket and driftworks rocker arm stoppers. So I took the car off the road and removed the old SR. I had big plans so removed everything and cleaned the engine bay and I wanted the engine bay immaculate. I was planning on running around 400bhp and decided to upgrade most things while I was there so pretty much everything in the engine bay is new including hel braided brake lines. I fitted the engine and realised quickly money was making this a slow process everything was in and back together expect turbo and injectors which I was yet to purchase and slowly loosing motivation. I then decided to fit original turbo with an external wastegate and standard injectors to get the car running and get it back out on the road while I saved up for the rest of the bits. Once I got the car running winter hit and the car ran out of mot and I ran out of motivation. It sat for a bit and I decided to give the car to Carson performance to finish a few little bits and put it through its mot (see invoice) which come to just over £1000. I received the car back Christmas time 2019, I used it for a bit but was really busy with work ect I didnít really find the time. Next thing I knew covid hit and I took it off the road and put it back into storage as I wasnít sure what was happening with work and money ect. As my circumstances have changed it has forced the sale of my s14a which has done 204 miles since itís mot. Spec list to follow:

    No rust at all nor had any welding before looks to have had a light under seal In past
    White (resprayed before I purchased it)
    Private plate M200 CYA included in sale


    Standard sr manifold modified with 38mm tail external wastegate facing downwards
    Japspeed elbow
    Japspeed downpipe
    Japspeed silenced decat
    Japspeed shotgun cat back
    Apex intercooler
    Blitz cold side boost pipes
    New rad hoses
    Braided turbo lines
    RPS clutch
    Lightened flywheel
    Koyo radiator
    Apexi air filter
    Greddy boost controller


    Full black interior
    Factory 200sx floor mats
    S15 front seats


    Genuine jdm kouki rear bumper
    Genuine jdm kouki spats
    Genuine jdm front wings
    Srb fibreglass side skirts
    Srb fibreglass splitter
    Gk tech gandor style wing mirrors
    Rays vrx10 split wheels 8j front 9j rear, tyres all good wheels in need of a refurb

    Bad things I had in my list to sort

    Unfortunately the front bumper gained a crack where the number plate bolts on where I had it in storage.

    Wants gearbox looking at, still drives fine just jumps out of 4th gear once you let off accelerator.

    Wants a good clean bit dusty from being kept in a warehouse.

    Common rev counter problem, sometimes work others times has a mind of its own

    Sure I have forgotten loads I never planned on selling it to be honest. Any questions fire away. No time wasters as I donít have the time or patients. No test drives unless money is in my hand and price is firm £8500.

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