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    S13 Executive


    I've had a 200sx S13 I've been threatening to restore for a few years now but I've finally accepted the rot and bodywork damage is too far gone so I picked up a new shell at the weekend.
    I've just noticed the new shells logbook says it's a 200sx Executive?
    Can anyone tell me what the difference is ?



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    Was just trim level IIRC, different interior, different wheels etc

    Im sure there was something else though, might have been an autochanger and headlight wash, air con maybe?
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    Depends on when it was sold, early ones will be on H plate, late on J. All "Exec" are series 2 and will have VIN like, JN100RS13U020nnnn with small brakes or JN100RS13U022nnnn with 280mm brakes built from Sep '91 onwards (allow at least 6 weeks for boat and wouldn't clear UK docks until early '92). By K reg Nissan UK had given the importer AFG the boot, removed franchise from the smaller dealers that sold most of the sports car in favour of the Bluebird fleet sales and the "Exec" was discontinued. All 200SX from then on had 5 spoke alloys.

    Mine had black hide on high back series 1 seats. They were clearly recovered standard series 0 or 1 seats. The hide had been glued to the original seat fabric as a template. But I have suspicions this was 1st owned by the wife of a major Nissan dealer in Sheffield.
    Fairly sure most just had grey waffle fabric low back same as "base". If you have low back with grey leather it's been robbed from a late car, late L or M reg. If you have low back seats with black leather it's been robbed from an S14.

    There was a clear indication from self tapper holes in boot floor that mine had had a CD changer in the boot but as they cost 1000 at that time it had been robbed out by 1st or 2nd owner and most likely wasn't standard.

    All had sunroofs (W in model code), even if they had to fit them in UK, so a model with option CR or CRW can be an Exec.
    All should have air con (C in model code).
    All should have headlamp wash.
    All had 5 spoke alloys.
    All should have have LSD, orange LSD sticker on nearside of diff.

    The "base" model sold at same time had steel wheels with plastic trim. (fairly sure all have been replaced with after market alloys). Sunroof may have been a dealer fit option.

    All UK series 2 had anti-lock brakes (R in model code).

    There may be some that break the rule but.. Going on FAST model specs.

    There were 887 "base", 789 manual with model RS13FTQR24 and 98 auto model RS13ATQR24 made Jan '91 to Nov '91. FAST option pack 24 says "For England", mudguards, no alloys, no air con, no sun roof, no headlamp cleaner "Normal" spare. They got power windows and mirrors. None of them have Lambda (or cat), Q in model code.

    As "Exec" was a UK only local designation created by the importer AFG, model codes on FAST that include "Exec" start Dec 90 and continued to Jun 93 long after the "Exec" was discontinued.

    Option pack 26 came with LSD, air con, "Normal" spare and headlamp cleaner. Doesn't specify "For England" but mine was a '26. Sunroof was factory fit on cars with "W" in model code and dealer fit option on other cars.
    RS13FTOCR26, RS13FTOCRW26, RS13ATOCR26, RS13ATOCRW26. 1070 made up to Nov '91, 875 manual, 195 auto As there are "auto Exec" they are clearly all model code 26. All option pack 26 have Lambda, O in model code.

    Option pack 28 have alloys, air con and LSD, FAST says "For England", LSD, mudguards, no headlamp cleaner, without "normal" spare space saver or you had to pay for one?). RS13FTQCR28, RS13FTQCRW28. 539 made up to Nov '91, all manual. None of them have Lambda (or cat). Additional 418 made up to Aug '93, not sure how these could have been "For England" as CAT was required on all new cars sold in UK from Aug '92 onwards.

    2790 RHD euro spec series 2 S13 made up to Nov '91, 2398 are option packs 24, 26 and 28 so it would seem 392 went to Ireland / Malta / Cyprus, but some of those non cat option pack 28 may have gone to Ireland as well.

    Total production of RHD series 2 was 6101 starting Nov '90 ending Dec '93 and 891 of them have option packs that are not 24, 26, 28 and 2M which are the model codes I've seen on UK cars or are specified as "For England" on FAST. Option pack 2M was made from Jun '93 and was "fully loaded" so often mistaken for an "Exec", grey leather low back seats, air con, sun roof, headlamp wash, LSD, big brakes, slot CD player in dash with 4 CD drawers below (and a 30W x2 power amp as CD player only had 2 speaker outputs), 482 produced (I've got 2, one needs some serious work).

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    mine is a december '92 and details on it 12 years ago it was Executive with Platinum pack no idea what the pack included but it has no sunroof (thank god)
    was totally stock when I got it so had all the other bits listed for an Exec even had the CD shuttle box in the boot,
    of course it is all removed and ruined now

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