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Thread: Drivers side lights donít work!!

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    Drivers side lights donít work!!

    Hey guys. Not sure if anyone still uses this but worth a go
    Basically my drivers lights do not work.. full and mid beam but the side light works.
    The passenger side everything works perfectly as it should.
    Iíve checked fuses swapped them Over nothings changed.
    Changed the light bulbs still doesnít work.
    Checked the connections r on properly and the cable under the wheel arch seems fine
    Has anyone experienced this? Or has any idea what could be the cause..? Before I take it to a garage?!


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    Contact cleaner on the bulb holder first. Then check the bulb holder with a multimeter, see if you can identify if a wire is broken and if so, which one. Then fix.

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    It is a process of elimination, as you have already checked the fuses under the bonnet the next step would be to check the voltage.
    My s14a has one single positive wire to the back of the lamp and a negative wire that is crimped to the lamp enclosure, you need to test between these two positions one test lead on the positive lamp wire and one on the enclosure, if you have the correct voltage at these positions and a functioning lamp, it will work, double check the crimps that are on the ends of the above said wires are tight on the spades and the crimps and spades are free from corrosion.
    If you do not have the correct voltage at the above said positions then download the manual from this site and using the wiring diagrams work back from the lamp holder position checking every associated wire and electrical component for continuity and the correct operation.

    When my drivers side was playing up it turned out to be a loose crimp connector that wasn't making a good connection with the spade, this then blew the drivers side fuse that is under the bonnet as the wire came off and touched the car body which is negative.

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