I'm struggling with my car at the moment, it's a stock SR from a UK S14 (loom, ecu etc) which has gone into a UK S13. It's a basic spec with FMIC, pod filter, tubular manifold, exhaust, T28 and on stock boost.

It seems to only rev to a maximum of 5k which I assume is some sort of safe mode? It also appears to be making next to no boost but running very rich. The turbo has not long been replaced for a known good unit, the injectors were Nismo 555's but are now the stock items.

It was pulling a massive vacuum and opening the BOV on idle, resulting in hunting idle and basically a huge boost leak. This has been disconnected so the idle is fine now. I did also note that the boost solenoid was not connected and have now plumbed this up in between the actuator and the turbo housing with a line off to the inlet, I am not 100% sure if this is correct or not...

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Will be putting a boost gauge in shortly to see how little boost I am actually making but at the moment it's unknown, assume less than normal actuator pressure.

Thanks in advance!