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Thread: 200sx S13 Barn Find Project

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    200sx S13 Barn Find Project

    I came across this “barn find” when I asked a mate what had happened to his old car, It appears that after he blew his engine he decide a complete rebuild was in order and due to the shell starting to rust he would rebuild it all into a new shell.

    To that end he got hold of a part stripped non runner with a good shell, he then collect a load of parts to do the conversion, rented some space in an old barn to keep everything dry and planned to start the project at a later date, It appears that the later date has still not arrived, I bought the whole lot from him with the intention of finishing what he started, I missed out one very important factor in my calculations, yes the wife, now she is very understanding but the line was drawn and apparently a total of 6 cars, (3 projects) was slightly past the line lol.

    I am a member on the 350 owners and Docwra is also on there so I mentioned to him I would rather it went to an enthusiast rather than a just on eBay where no doubt someone will buy it just to split and make money, I can’t stop that but hopefully someone is actually looking for something like this and as the previous owner was a member here I thought I'd post here first before the others.

    I am therefore looking to pass everything on to someone who either doesn’t have a current project or an even more understanding wife than me.
    Not sure if it should be a car or parts as it is sold as seen for spares or repairs, viewing welcome.

    The Cars –

    1990 S13 Stripped out rolling shell – interior/engine all stripped out. It still has standard brakes and suspension. Most of the stripped-out parts are with it. No seats, the wiring loom has been cut out and there is no engine or gearbox in the car currently. On inspection I can see that the shell has had some sort of damage to the front driver’s side most likely an accident that has been repaired in the past. There is some rust in it and there are some rust repair patches also from some point in it’s past, It is not immaculate but could be brought back, remember it is nearly 30 years old!

    1990 S13 “Donor car” – The bottom is very rusty! IMO it is just a parts donor and not worth any attempt at repairing. The fully forged engine that blew has been removed and a standard engine put in, We put a jump pack on it as the battery was obviously dead after 9 years, it started (on 9 year old fuel) it still had oil and water in it, The clutch was not working but in the spares we found another master cylinder which we swapped in and it now drives as well. It is what you might call “track ready” most of the rear interior is stripped out and most of the dash does not work. It does have a few redeeming qualities though –
    Full aftermarket Intercooler and pipe work from when it had a bigger turbo and forged engine
    5 stud hub conversion with big brake kit from either an S14 or an early GTR the original owner can’t remember.
    Front and rear strut braces
    quick shifter (unconfirmed)
    Loads of aftermarket dials (none appear to be wired up anymore and are untested)
    Ally Rad I assume it has an aftermarket fan.
    Mapped ECU.
    Alloy Wheels (not 200sx)

    The Parts list –

    Full body kit – New + 30mm Front wings, +50mm Rear wings, side skirts, front and rear bumpers. I unpacked them for pics.
    Daiyama suspension set – New and still boxed
    Full exhaust system (stainless only used for 1 month according to original owner)
    American spec rear lights – Used with mark in centre section
    Steering Wheel – New (eBay special?)
    Quick release boss – assumed to fit 200SX
    ECU upgrade chip – New
    Mechanical boost controller – New
    Oil cooler – New
    Oil sandwich plate/relocation housings – New
    Oil sandwich plate – Used
    Bolt in roll cage – New
    Quick Shifter – New
    Polished covers – Not fitted since polishing
    Front and Rear strut braces – New
    Turbo Manifold – New This is nice!
    Red Alloy Wheel nuts – New
    Washer Bottle – New
    Silicone Hose set – New
    Spare set of 4 Alloy wheels – Used 18x8
    Greddy Boost Controller – Damaged screen untested
    Blue lightweight Pulley Set – New
    Cam Covers blue and red – Used
    Toyo intercooler and pipes – Used
    Forged Rods – New, no branding
    Cusco catch can – Used
    2 x ECU’s with different maps – Used
    2 Turbos with one manifold and first section of down pipe – Used
    Clutch hose – New
    Another large turbo. (3 turbos and 2 manifolds in total)
    Stainless Downpipe – New
    2 x spare gear boxes (untested) both with quick shifters
    One spare engine – believed to be a non-runner
    Spare diff – believed to be welded
    Boxes and boxes of standard parts assumed to be from the stripped-down shell.

    Looking for £3,500 or near offer (the quicker you can collect the more negotiable I am)

    This is collection only and both vehicles will need to be trailered away and you'll need a BIG van for the rest of the parts.

    A few pics - For more pics or questions drop me a PM.

    Cars -

     photo IMG_3416_zpsqdunuktq.jpg

     photo IMG_3276_zpsg75dqfal.jpg

     photo IMG_3423_zpspxwobk9l.jpg

     photo IMG_3425_zpstly91gix.jpg

    Parts -

     photo IMG_3342_zps0gkg5kli.jpg

     photo IMG_3348_zpsxm5uudse.jpg

     photo IMG_3347_zpsu1calugc.jpg

     photo IMG_3346_zps0czquxhv.jpg

     photo IMG_3343_zpswj1kqbdd.jpg

     photo IMG_3334_zps7vg9vlcy.jpg

     photo IMG_3352_zpsjmtqglq2.jpg

     photo IMG_3358_zpsk3lnixbi.jpg

     photo IMG_3355_zpstrlzrq0f.jpg

     photo IMG_3356_zps9g3hqegu.jpg

     photo IMG_3351_zps3i02wcu2.jpg

     photo IMG_3359_zpsogxzenjr.jpg

     photo IMG_3360_zpstvk5vlh5.jpg

     photo IMG_3362_zpsjzclhd7l.jpg

     photo IMG_3363_zps1iukpgyh.jpg

     photo IMG_3353_zpsmybonnvn.jpg

     photo IMG_3365_zpst61xpr2b.jpg

     photo IMG_3368_zpsbpg1ps7d.jpg

     photo IMG_3370_zpsszqvoank.jpg

     photo IMG_3371_zps3rfwrxgn.jpg

     photo IMG_3378_zpsdgrs2rrf.jpg

     photo IMG_3379_zpsdl5d337k.jpg

     photo IMG_3375_zpslno24v1l.jpg

     photo IMG_3381_zpsrfjfsyiq.jpg

     photo IMG_3384_zps3cj7vl6o.jpg

    Click on any pic and scroll through the album - I'll post more in a mo on here though.

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    More Pics

     photo IMG_3382_zpsmfccdqf6.jpg

     photo IMG_3388_zpstnytnwfc.jpg

     photo IMG_3390_zps6zfofxrx.jpg

     photo IMG_3392_zpsxeeypxlj.jpg

     photo IMG_3391_zpsxvpdxgzy.jpg

     photo IMG_3393_zpsxv6jxkaf.jpg

     photo IMG_3394_zps8nejddtp.jpg

     photo IMG_3397_zpsamsnxjrw.jpg

     photo IMG_3398_zpsks6ydetf.jpg

     photo IMG_3400_zpsefrenne7.jpg

     photo IMG_3402_zpslpbhamyy.jpg

     photo IMG_3409_zpswkyrecjc.jpg

     photo IMG_3403_zpsamofxbmh.jpg

     photo IMG_3421_zpszxsvp4ap.jpg

     photo IMG_3414_zpsjbeoyqul.jpg

     photo IMG_3412_zps5qnn0vov.jpg

     photo IMG_3413_zpsojtm8dpo.jpg

    ANything I've missed let me know - I don't have a pic of the exhaust at the moment so I'll get one

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    Are these still available...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronster200sx View Post
    Are these still available...?

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    Hi - Deposit taken and should be collected this weekend, I'll post up if that changes

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