Work CR01s with matte carbon faces
159j -41with 195/60 rainsport 1s 4.5 lip
1510j -53 with 205/60 rainsport 3s 5.5 lip

P&P in the UK +50. Located near Stansted, Essex.

You'll not win any concours competitions with these wheels but they're not far off being minty. They just need someone with mothers polish and one of those polishing cones. It's mainly the wheels that were run offside that need attention. The vid slows down for the less than perfect bits.

The first pic is how one of the fronts was before a polish attempt by hand. The second pic is after the effort. It took less than an hour to achieve that. I haven't attempted to polish out the scratches in the 6th pic.

Front close before
IMG-8852 by J, on Flickr

Front close after
IMG-9052 by J, on Flickr

Front far away
IMG-9053 by J, on Flickr

Rear chip 1
IMG-9056 by J, on Flickr

Rear chip 2
IMG-8841 by J, on Flickr

Rear scratch
IMG-9064 by J, on Flickr
IMG-9061 by J, on Flickr

Lots of tread left on all tyres
IMG-8847 by J, on Flickr

Shiny (put one away in the garage then the sun came out
IMG-9066 by J, on Flickr

How they fit with over fenders. Camber/Adjustable arms could reduce the track. When fitted the fronts poked about 20mm from the arch with 55mm clearance from the coilovers. Looks like a lot from the old pic below. The rears had enough clearance from the arch for me not to bother measuring.
IMG_0044 by J, on Flickr
IMG_0043 by J, on Flickr
IMG-6555 by J, on Flickr