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Thread: Yay or nay?

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    I say Yay , I found the seats are surprisingly quite nice and its sort of a hot rod amazon so some something like them in my eyes fits some how
    some Kirkeys with covers would be nice,but new they ain't cheap ,
    I see fishnet recaros Mark posted and would think 'you nicked them out of a capri or RS2000'
    them lowback corbeu 'mini' seats should stay in the mini imo
    could make do with them till something else comes up
    just digs in and fecks off
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    This was always going to be a resto-mod type project.

    Its going to have electric windows, a tablet of some sort for the media, a significantly more modern engine and box, air-con etc. so period wise the seats wont be too far out of place in my mind.

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