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Thread: Anybody know this car? Looking for my old S14

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    Question Anybody know this car? Looking for my old S14

    Good morning All,

    Does anybody know this car?

    I had it in Nottingham for a couple of years and then sold it in around 07/08 to a guy from Thame (near Oxford). DVLA says it been SORN IN PLACE for a few years now. I'm sure the guy that nought it was a member on here but I cant remember his name. Just curious as to where it is and what it looks like now..... I may even be tempted to rescue it if it's rotting in somebodies garden!

    Bit of a long shot but worth an ask.......

    edit; it looks like my links to pics aren't working? maybe because of a low post count? I'm assuming that all my old posts were deleted after a few years of no activity. It was a purple S14 (Touring) although DVLA called it blue. M39 XKF. The only mods I had done were an apex 3" Stainless exhaust all the way through. I also swapped the engine to an S14A engine after my bottom end blew. It had a small sprocket rattle on start-up but other than that it was pretty solid and un-modified.
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    Its not mine, i had practically everything done to it.

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