I plan on swapping a RB25DET (NEO maybe) into my S13, as soon as my CA18 decides to quit.

I could get a Stagea with a RB25 NEO pretty cheap. But it's AWD and needs to be converted. I Know that the AWD block has the necessary holes to accept the RWD sump, but what about the oil pickup?
Is there a proper solution for it? I've read that the RWD sump hits the pickup and needs to be "massaged" to clear.
The baffeling in the sump needs to be cut since the location of the pickup is different between AWD and RWD blocks.

To be honest, that sounds like a hack job.
Has anyone ever done such a conversion and has other informations? Pictures would help too.

Cutting the AWD sump, removing diff and flanges, would work too, but I really don't know if there might be clearance issues with the s13 crossmember/sway-bar later on.