Me and the misses went on the not so short trip to Teesside in Milddlesbrough last weekend, 350miles each way! Left in good time and went straight to the hotel which also had a pool. Nice to relax in there for half hr before having food and a good nights kip.

Onto Sunday morning, got to track in good time, unloaded and went to briefing, track was ran the same as the year before (pretty much only layout other than when they have done it backwards on very rare occasions) and off into practice, it was a bit slippery for the first couple runs as it had rained over night but sooned dried up. Was all going well until I got a bit keen on one of my last few runs and took out half my rear bumper. Anyone that hasn't been there needs to go, going into the south bank corner top end of 3rd gear is awesome.

2019-07-17_12-48-27 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

Then was qualifying, didn't run as good a line as I did in practice but managed a 53 point score which put me in 26th, that put me through to top 32. I have now qualified in the top 32 in 4 out of the last 5 events which is quite nice.

My battle was against Marcus in his 650-700hp skyline, hell of a car and good driver. I was chasing first as qualified lower, I kept with him as best as I could but unfortunately I made a mistake slowing down into the second corner which meant I understeered and then briefly straightened which I think gave me a zero. Then we swapped around, even though I then ran the best lead line I done all day it was too late as my mistake from the first run overturned the score and Marcus also chased me well. I was pretty annoyed at myself to be honest as hadn't made a mistake on that corner all morning in practice but that's drifting for ya.

driftcup round 3 Teeside 14-07-19 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

So got a bumper to fix and then i'm off to the local Autofest event this weekend at smeatharpe banger track for some fun local skids and might be giving out passenger rides so if your local come along and say hello!