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Thread: Nissan S13 200SX UK

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    Nissan S13 200SX UK

    Nissan S13 200SX
    UK Spec
    49,000 miles
    CA18 DET
    T28 turbo
    Stage 2 chip
    Manual, converted from auto
    Rota wheels
    Quick release steering wheel

    Iíve had this car for a few months intending to have it as a project, but it hasnít needed to be a project, and Iíve been using it as a second daily. It drives well, pulls fine and has given me very little trouble. Most of the work has been done by a previous owner who bought the car as it had been dry stored for a number of years and was rust free. He converted it to manual, put on coilovers, chipped it and painted it.

    Iíve swapped in a VLSD, put new rear tyres on (Federal 959 rsr), reduced the oil leak from the rocker cover, and changed the power steering belt in my ownership. It hasnít needed anything else.

    Iíll be honest about the bad bits:
    The paint on the roof isnít great (See pictures)
    Bodykit is a fibreglass replica of something and doesnít have the cleanest fit
    Bumpers and skirts are cracked and scratched in palces
    Front indicators are bulbs cable tied to the bumper. I bought some proper lenses with LEDs from Japan but the bumper needs to be trimmed to fit.
    It doesnít like the cold, but once started it is fine after 30 seconds or so
    Could do with a proper map
    Door cards and glove box would benefit from being fabric wrapped or something
    The only advisory on the last MOT was an oil leak. Iíve reduced this to almost nothing but I think the half moon seals on the rocker cover need to be sealed properly.

    There is a random selection of photos in various albums here, with a few teasers below

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Yo man, beautiful car, this still available/would you be interested in a 335d swap?

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    Is this still for sale?

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