Right guys Iím in the process of fitting an alarm to my c33 laurel, it already has central locking from the key, I just wanted a button. Iíve tested all the wires in my drivers door and traced them back, the issue Iím having is trying to work out which way to wire the alarm according to what type of central locking system I have?

So I have a switch on my drivers door that also controls the central locking, it has 3 wires to the switch, 2 constant 12v and 1 earth, when I depress the switch the earth makes contact with the 12v, voltage drops to 0 and the car locks/unlocks depending on which way Iíve pushed the switch.

But the instructions with the alarm give quite a few options:-

1. Negative locking
2. Positive locking
3. Single point locking
4. Vacuum locking
5. Actuator interrupt (negative at rest)
6. Single wire - negative to unlock, interrupted to lock
7. Single wire - negative to lock, interrupted to unlock
8. Control resistive positive
9. Control resistive negative
10. Control resistive negative lock only
11. Control resistive negative unlock only
12. Control actuator switch interrupt
13. Control negative unlock, input switched interrupt to lock

Any help would be greatly appreciated

And before everyone one says go to a pro due to the fact itís a 26 year old Japanese import only with an engine conversion, heavily modified, no exact information on whatís been done and no information available on the car itís self nobody wanted to touch it

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