Got the Racing Lines RL300B Fuel pump in stock - 80 Delivered in Mainland UK -

racinglines 270 fuel pump.jpgDescription
1 x 270LPH 5 BAR Inline Fuel Pump

The RL300B is a reliable yet cost effective alternative to the Bosch 044 (5 bar).

Capable of producing up to 300LPH and sufficient flow for up to 500bhp it provides a cost effective solution when needing to support your high performance fuel system requirements.

Supplied complete with terminal connectors and dust covers the pump can be mounted both inside or outside of the tank.

The inlet side of the fuel pump uses a M18X1.5 thread whilst the Outlet utilities a M12X1.5. It is recommended that the fuel pump is no further away from the fuel tank than 0.6 Mtrs to provide optimum performance.

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