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Thread: Roadhawk HD-2 Group Buy

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    Roadhawk HD-2 Group Buy

    The time is here - they're in stock ready to get this moving!

    Roadhawk HD2 Dashcams - pics below of what you're getting:

    Retail boxed genuine Roadhawk HD-2

    This is the device itself! You can also see the M6 thread on the base there, should you want to bolt it down to satisfy the most picky trackday staff that sometimes ask that you should.



    12V supply - can be hard wired in.

    Screen mount 1

    Screen mount 2

    Screen mount 3

    Card reader AND Memory card included!

    249.95 is the normal price on these.

    I am running a Group Buy so that if we can reach 10 people I'll do them for 200 delivered to the UK.

    Why would you want one of these awesome things I hear you ask?


    The boring bit is that they help with your insurance premiums - many insurers ask, and even if you're at fault in a claim, this can help due to showing who was in the other car, if they had passengers etc, so false claims cannot be made by the other party, thus keeping your renewal premiums more sensible. If you're not at fault, or there is any dispute, this will prove what happened.

    How does it work?
    It has a couple of modes - the normal one for day to day driving is that it records small files, 1 minute each, from the moment you start the car and it gets power. Should it detect a crash, it flags the file on the memory card so it's easy to find. If you want to manually flag a file you can, by pressing the button on the back of the unit. When you get home you simply put the card into the card reader and you can view the file, send them to the insurance, job done.

    There is also a setup program on the computer - which allows you to change some things, which is where it gets interesting. The settings are stored on the memory card - the HD-2 will run with the settings on the card each time to slot it in.

    The other mode is continuous recording, and as such is great for Trackdays. You put the settings onto the memory card, or better yet have a spare card so you can keep one for each purpose, and then you're ready to record your trackday, drift day, hill climb, autosolo etc. It also stores the GPS, G-Force and other data to allow you to overlay your speed onto the video, ready for upload to wow your friends! The software to do this is part of the package with the HD-2 - you simply download it and enter a code, and it's unlocked to create the videos we've all seen, so you can wow all of your friends with your exciting day out you had, while they were sat in the office for the day...

    I will over the weekend get a video in daylight and night so you can see how great this is from a current, first hand video - but having seen and compared it to others when I was in the market, this was the device I chose for myself, it's a fantastic bit of kit!

    Payment will be due when we have reached the end of the Group Buy, I will run this for 2 weeks, to give people time to be wowed by the videos I put up.

    To get you started though, here is the demo video:

    I will take some more interesting ones over the weekend with the various settings.

    Finally this is a UK stocked product, with UK support should you have problems. You can even call the UK distributor for customer support if you need it, but the instructions are good, and the unit is easy to use, so hopefully you wont have to!

    Here are the people who are in on the the Group Buy:

    1. EvilChap

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