After 10 years away in Lincolnshire, we are moving back to the southwest. Tbh, Bex and I are both of the opinion that we should have never moved away.

New digs will be just outside Launceston and we cannot wait! It's been an 18 month process selling our home in Lincolnshire including a fraudulent buyer (who is now forever named "Steve The Liar"), a data breach from solicitors, our new buyers buyer being made redundant and pulling out last minute, many many delays from solicitors (they are such a pain in the arse and I wish we could complete a sale without involving them), stupid questions being asked (such as "can you furnish us with the contact number and address for xxx company?" What? You've never heard of Google?!" And it's not a company we ever used anyway!!!) And more delays. No wonder they say moving is one of the most stressful things!

But we're now on the home stretch. All is booked and we'll be back in March. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new and hopefully actually having a social life again! And we have an addition for those who last saw us before we moved. My son is now 12 (remember the little chubby lad? No longer chubby... and above shoulder height on his 6'1 dad!) And we have a daughter now too. She is 7 and sassy like you won't believe!

Can't wait to see you all again and something social will need to be arranged!