We have just received a new product into stock that we know will interest you guys!

As part of our recent development program we are now glad to introduce to you our Nissan Poly Diff Bushes.

Our Nissan Polyurethane Differential Bushes remove unwanted movement in your diff, often caused by the original rubber bushes having perished through prolonged use. Differentials fitted to later model S-bodies and Skylines feature two rubber bushes at the front of the casing near the prop output (that mount into the front of the subframe). If these are worn excessively there will be a level of numbness in the transmission, most heavily felt when clutch kicking aggressively.

By replacing these bushes with polyurethane items there will be minimal movement in the differential while under load and none of the aggression transmitted through the drive-train via aggressive clutch kicks will be lost through worn bushes. Unlike solid diff bushes, fitting polyurethane items will not increase transmission noise in the cabin.

Please note: S13 differentials are hard-mounted as standard and do not feature any bushes. When fitting an S14/S15/R33/R34 diff to an S13/R32 you will require these bushes on the front of the diff in order to mount it (along with the longer corresponding diff bolts from an S14/S15/R33/R34).

The larger half of the bush sits under the diff, the small half sits above.

Fits all Nissan R200 diffs (S13/S14/S15 & R32/R33/R34). Please see above notes for fitting information.

Here is a link to the item on our website: http://www.japspeed.co.uk/nissan-poly-diff-bushes.html

We sell this at 45.00 RRP however to forum members we are offering this at the discounted price of;

** 39.99 including delivery **

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