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Thread: Blue s14a the box killer

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    Blue s14a the box killer

    so ive bought myself yet another s-body (ive actully lost count how many ive owned)

    bought this little gem,
    seller didnt really know the spec and came with a fubar box (to be repaired)
    and a load noisey engine

    so lets begin
    its currently sitting on 365bhp (interesting number)
    not that ive actully driven the thing

    not really sure about these seats

    nor the gauges
    or the steering wheel

    little interesting thing ive spotted
    if you follow the black line from the catch tank it flows behind the afm pipe
    (now if im right then when on boost its sucking all oil pressure from the head?)

    and poof theres some nice evo 8 recaro's

    they do need a scrub but i couldnt wait

    then fitted my nardi

    car parts car parts

    now when i went to fit my new wheels i found this little issue

    im thinking of selling them as im not a big fan of hsd's (looks like theyve been abused a tad)

    fronts go on with some nice sticky advan ad08 tyres on brand new cst hyper zero 1's
    waiting on tyres for the rear

    then went to work on having a look to why the head is quite noisey

    good start with some hks cams n009 exhaust and n006 inlet
    so 264 cams

    hks cam pulleys
    hks step 2 head kit
    and tomei rocker arm stoppers explains a loud head noise

    cam covers back on with a dry carbon coilpack cover

    still to do
    get a new slam pannel
    get another gearbox or get the selector fixed for 5th and reverse
    spray sills with dynax s50

    smoothed off bootlid
    oem rear lights
    rear wheels
    part shop max subframe risers
    part shop max diff mounts
    a nice welded 4.1 r33 diff
    cusco rear camber arms
    cusco toe rods
    kinked front tension rods
    tein tie rods and ends
    jdm grill
    hks 2540r turbo kit
    power fc d jetro

    im starting to think i may have a bit of work to do

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    dem seats tho! lol

    nice little surprise there indeed! keep digging, who knows what you'll find, as it seems to be one of these well-set up sleeper cars! you might be super lucky haha
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    i know right, they actully look better in the pics
    evo seats are perfect

    i know its got forged pistons and bored out so its a 2.1L
    ive even got my eye on a stroker crank atm

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    wow large update, ive let this thread slide big time

    so nearly 3 years later the cars still not finished
    the spec has grown horribly

    so i sold the 2.1 sr engine the car came with
    bought back the old 2.2 sr that used to be in brett castles hks s14a
    thats been rebuilt and a couple of issues with it fixed
    waiting on custom parts is so long, like a custon 2mm headgasket takes 2 months

    upgraded the gearbox to a osgiken 5 speed with main shafts

    a cusco 2way diff 4.1 ratio with 5x1 bolt output shafts

    brand new extreme sprung twinplate clutch

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    Wow!! She’s getting all the goodies!! This will be an interesting item when finished

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    spec list

    charge speed side skirts
    charge speed rear bumper
    origin front bumper
    kouki front grill
    kouki bootlid
    kouki copy spoiler
    dmax rear lights

    wheels / brakes
    cst hyper zero one 18" 9.5j et12
    advan A048 tyres
    r33 gtst front brake setup
    r33 gtst rear drum brake setup
    braided lines
    abs removed with custom brake lines

    bc racing Rm coilovers
    driftworks toe rods
    driftworks traction rods
    7twenty camber arms
    js kinked front tension rods
    hard race bushed lower arms front and rear
    part shop max solid subframe raisers
    part shop max solid diff bushes
    tein tie rods and ends

    engine/ drivetrain
    Hks 2.2l stroker crank
    hks H cross section connecting rods
    hks nickle plated pistons
    hks cylinder sleeves
    arp racing head stud and nut kit
    acl bearings
    hks step 3 head kit with
    hks step 3 intake and exhaust cams
    hks dual (inner and outer) valve springs
    hks retainers
    hks black coated rocker arm set
    hks solid lifters
    hks valve stem seals
    hks intake and exhaust cam gears
    tommei rocker arm stoppers
    greddy large sump
    polished inlet manifold
    leadfoot racing sr exhaust manifold
    full turbo back exhaust
    sard 850cc injectors
    hks custom gt-rs turbo
    oil cooler kit
    pas cooler kit
    oil catch tank
    upgraded radiator
    hks gold inlet filter
    huge fmic with custom piping
    kazama engine mounts
    extreme twin plate clutch
    OS Giken 5-speed close ratio gear kit with Reinforced input shaft
    nismo pro 2 way diff with 4.1 ratio
    r33 gtst driveshafts

    apexi power fc d jetro ecu
    hks turbo timer
    defi boost gauge
    defi oil pressure gauge
    defi oil temp gauge
    defi water temp gauge
    blitz boost controller

    nardi classic steering wheel
    hkb boss
    evo 8 recaro seats
    custom seat frames
    custom center console gauge holder
    rear roll cage
    drift 3" harnesses
    nismo cutoff cig lighter
    partshop max shift knob

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