I have an electrical problem with a new trailer that I've bought and hope that someone can offer some advice on a fix.

When I connected the trailer to my truck I noticed that 15 of the 21 LEDs in the indicator light had a constant glow.

I thought perhaps there was a problem with the unit so I bought some replacements which having tried them, have the same fault. 15 of the 21 LED's glowing when there shouldn't be any power to the unit.

I have found (by using a 24v test light that I have made with a 5 watt lamp) that if I connect that up to the indicator circuit the LED's do extinguish as well as function the way they should.

So to me if I increased the laod with a resistor wired into the indicator circuit it should do the same thing.

What size resistor though and would I be able to put it anywhere in the indicator circuit? I did think that I could put it where the wires to the light clusters join in a junction box (just seems easy to do that).

Thank you