Worn bushes are a part of life when it comes to Nissan S-bodies. Sloppy suspension response and indirect steering can all result from the OEM bushes being excessively worn and tired - not the sort of thing you want on a fast road car, let alone a track/drift toy.

We've been manufacturing our own range of Polyurethane and Solid Aluminium bushes for years now and have always received great feedback. Below you can find SXOC forum member prices for all Driftworks S-body bushes. If you want to purchase any of the below bushes at the SXOC member prices please give us a call on 0845 8692555 and you’ll be able to pay by card. If you want to pay by PayPal, send us a PM with the parts you require and we’ll calculate the total cost including shipping (we can ship worldwide if required!). We can then send you a PayPal invoice that you can pay using your PayPal account.

Driftworks Solid Steering Bush S13/R32/Z32 - £15.75 (RRP £17.50) - this replaces the soft rubber bush that is found in the steering column on S13/R32/Z32 models and is a common cause of vague steering, along with being a frequent MOT failure on older cars.

Driftworks Poly Subframe Bushes - £62.98 (RRP 69.98) sold as a set of four - these replace the super soft rear subframe bushes which allow the subframe to "tramp" under load, which is especially noticeable on cars fitted with LSDs or welded diffs. Poly subframe bushes remove this excessive play without compromising refinement, preventing discomfort and excessive vibration through the car that solid subframe bushes often cause.

Driftworks Solid Subframe Bushes - £44.99 (RRP £49.99) sold as a set of four - the same as the above Poly Subframe Bushes but with absolutely no compromise. These will prevent any subframe movement and ensures it remains firmly in place at the rear of the car. More suited to track and drift cars, these help to remove numbness from the rear end of the car.

Driftworks Front Lower Arm Poly Bushes (S14/S15) - £35.98 (RRP £39.98) sold as a pair - a bush that is under a lot of stress, the OEM front lower arm bushes are prone to slop and can cause numb steering. These bushes are sold as a pair and will help to sharpen up your car's steering feel.

Driftworks S13 Rear Lower Arm Poly Bushes - £30.96 if bought as a set of four (RRP £9 each) - important for the same reasons as the Front Lower Arm Poly Bushes, the rear lower arms are placed under a lot of stress during hard driving (especially when accelerating hard or braking) and the OEM bushes are always prone to failure after hard use. Replace these with our poly items to remove this slop and help to prevent one of the most common MOT failures on S-bodies. You'll require two of these each side to replace all of the OEM items.

Driftworks Rear Upright Poly Bushes - £45.36 if bought as a set of six (RRP £9 each) - next time the rear of your car's jacked up in the air, grab one of the rear wheels and put some force on it. You'll more than likely discover a load of slop and excessive movement. This is almost always caused by worn bushes in the rear knuckles, allowing the alignment arms to move around way more than you'd want them to. Replace these with our poly bushes to remove this unwanted play - you'll need three bushes each side to replace all of the OEM items.

Driftworks Solid Differential Bushes - Fronts £36 (RRP £40) for set of four, Rears £36 (RRP £40) for the pair - S13 diffs are solid mounted as standard but S14/S15 diffs feature bushes at the front and rear where they mount to the subframe. If you end up swapping in an S14/S15 diff into an S13, you'll require front bushes in order to fit it (as you'll have to swap in the solid mounted S13 backplate). The OEM bushes can wear excessively due to hard driving and can reduce the severity of clutch kicks and make the transmission feel quite numb and indirect. If you're going drifting or doing serious track driving, fitting Solid Diff Bushes is a must. The front diff bushes are supplied as two pairs (upper and lower collars) and the rears are just a pair.

Driftworks Poly Gearbox Mount - £59.36 (RRP £65.95) - a sloppy gear change is the enemy of quick, direct gear changes and this is often caused by the OEM gearbox mount having failed, often due to tearing as a result of hard driving. If the gearbox is able to twist under hard loads then it can really hamper progress when you come to change gear - cure this with our Poly Gearbox Mount that removes a ton of slop from the gearbox but isn't too solid so as to prevent any movement at all (solid mounting a gearbox is a sure-fire way to destroying gears during hard shifts!).