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Our Mercury gearbox controller is now 199.

Manage multiple profiles from normal automatic to fully manual race mode.

Push button shifters are included in the price as are all harnesses.

The system allows for led outputs for lock up and a gear shift light which are all programmable.

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TCU Features

Note that these are all the current features covered by the mercury. There are some on the charts that are in the process to be developed in the future but the hardware has the capability for it. Not all of the features may be included on the same ECU as there is limited amount of drivers available.


Automatic Mode where the driver sets the maximum target gear allowed.
Semi-Automatic Mode where the driver has more manipulation of the gears with the added automatic features.
Manual Mode where the driver has complete control over the transmission with the added protection against over revving.

Map Selection Switch lets the driver set up his transmission in 4 different profiles like Automatic, Tiptronic, Towing, Off-road, Racing etc.

Shifter Position input

The TCU can sense all kinds of shifter sensors to operate correctly in all lever positions.
If no shifter sensor is available then the reverse light signal can be used to lockout shifting in reverse.
Gear Profile Adjustments – Each gear can be manipulated to shift up or down when the tuner requires it. These settings work on RPM, Speed and TPS values.

Line Pressure Adjustments – These pressures can be adjusted on a graph with the TPS representing engine load. There may be a number of graphs according to the transmission requirement.

Indication LEDs – The TCU has 2 dashboard LEDs to indicate when lockup is engaged or which gear is selected in tiptronic mode. This will help the driver in off road conditions to protect his transmission.


TPS sensor will indicate to the TCU what the drivers intent is. Then it will shift accordingly.
RPM signal will be used to shift the transmission to harness the engine power correctly and be economical.
Speed sensor will be used as protection against down gear over revving and also other shift algorithms.
Transmission Oil Temperature sensor will change line pressures during cold conditions to soften gear shifts.
Low range sensor will adjust speed settings in the transmission automatically.
Sensors can be calibrated to suit most engines and transmissions.

Shift solenoids manipulate which gear must be selected
Duty control solenoids control line, lockup and shift control solenoids to make the transmission as comfortable to the driver as possible.
General Purpose outputs – These outputs can be used for custom features like speed warning siren etc.

Speedo output – This signal drives speedometers and can be calibrated on the vehicle.

Selectable Lockup can switch on in all gears if transmission permits

Compact Electronics – This will make the TCU easy to hide under the dashboard as it takes very little space.

Complete Kits for Most transmissions.

Cost Effective – No need to buy expensive systems as all the necessary features are included with the TCU.

Standard Tuning Software – The features that are not used or allowed in the tuning software will be blanked out.

Easy DIY Instructions – Save a lot of money on installation if you are a person who is up to the challenge.

Start-Up Maps included – This will make for easy start-up & tuning with the help of a Lambda sensor

User Friendly Tuning Software which is extensively explained in the manual.

Tuning map can be locked to prevent tampering. Useful for transmissions builders to give guarantees.

No Dyno Required – Tune your own transmissions and save some more money. Just follow the instructions in the manual carefully.

(Note that the last four points are for the competent mechanic only. If you are not sure, download the software, Map, manual and drawing and experiment with it first. It’s free of charge!)8