Spitronics micro ignitions have been developing engine management systems for 24 years. They have an amazing reputation in the Lexus 1UZFE community worldwide and for good reason.

Just a few customer testimonials :

"I have to give it to Spitronics.... Never before have I been so impressed by how nice and easy it is to get a near perfect tune from a box"

"After my motronic ecu called it a day I decided to go management as I wanted to get rid of that afm and split batch fuelling the old motronic used to do, Spitronics was my answer as it was capable of split sequential fuelling. I was really impressed with the ease of installation"

"If you planning a Lexus V8 conversion and want to go aftermarket EMU, then Spitronics is the way to go... it's like they've been purpose built for the Lexus engines!"

"'I've replaced my old Gotech with Spitronics and it's in a class of it's own. I cannot recommend this unit enough!"

The full range of products are available on our site including downloads, software guide and faq's

Check out www.race-systems.co.uk for more details or go to www.race-systems.co.uk/spitronics-landing-page for videos a slide show and all the product details. There is a huge amount of information in the Spitronics section so enjoy

Check out the Mercury Engine management section for example


Our Spitronics range is vast and feature filled.

Every Spitronics kit comes with looms, firmware cables, map sensors, coil drivers and idle controllers as required to get you going.

Easy to follow wiring diagrams make the job easy and great software means you can tune your car yourself, with a wide band lambda.

For more details or to answer any questions email us at andy@race-systems.co.uk or call 0203 6333985