Hi Folks,

The Team at Opie Oils are happy to announce that they now sell the new Millers Oils Flow Control Bottle.

Until now when pouring from a standard 5 litre bottles it has been difficult to avoid surges in flow and the resulting mess, spillage and then smell as the oil burns off. All that is about to change thanks to our friends at Millers Oils with this amazing design.

To Find out more about the bottle please watch Millers Oils Own video

I am afraid to say that the Motorsport and the classic range has yet to be change to the new bottle. To find the complete flow control bottle range CLICK HERE > > >

The new Flow Control Bottle Range will cover;

EE Longlife 5W-40

EE Longlife C3 5W-30

EE Longlife ECO 5W-30

EE Semi Synthetic 10W-40

XF Longlife 0W-40

XF Longlife 5W-30 Fully Synthetic

XF Longlife 5W-40

XF Longlife 5W-50

XF Longlife C1 5W-30

XF Longlife C2 5W-30

XF Longlife C3 5W-30

XF Longlife C4 5W-30

XF Longlife EB 5W-20

XF Longlife ECO 5W-30

XFE 10W-40 Semi Synthetic

Millers have stepped up the Motorsport campaign with this video. Please take the time to have a look at what our friends at Millers Oils are up too.

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