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Thread: bit unimpressed with todays inquirey....

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    bit unimpressed with todays inquirey....

    So I insured my TD5 discovery 2 last september for 500ish, then changed to a disco 1 Tdi

    when I changed to the ddisco 1 there was no refund, even though the car was obviously cheaper to insure - this I didnt mind too much.

    yesterday I rang for a new quote, on a Hilux Surf.. customer services were shut so got a complete new quote to guage - 415

    so how much to swap with 1 month left?? - 56

    they say equity red star want 540 to insure the surf (even though yesterday equity red star quoted 415)

    seems they like to take the piss with part way car swaps, especially as the woman on the phone basically said If I went from a Surf to a TD5 disco it would cost more!!?? which is wahat I origionally paid for

    I wouldn't mind a paperwork fee, but a cost on top for a car which by thier own admittance should be 100+ a year cheaper to insure.

    And no refund of the 6 weeks left if I cancel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLowe View Post
    seems they like to take the piss with part way car swaps,
    Did for me too. Changed from my 200sx to a Golf GT-TDi - apparently the Golf is a higher risk as its a sports model

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. So a rather modified (all declared) 280-odd bhp RWD sports car is a lower risk and cheaper to insure than a bog standard 5 door diesel Golf???? There was an additional 120 charge for the 3 months remaining on my insurance (200sx was 420 to cover fully comp). So I got some quotes from other companies - ended up with Sky for a LOT less. Told Flux to cancel the policy for which they charged me 65. Suffice to say, they have lost my business after being with them for a number of years with both mine and the missus cars.

    There is a slim (slimmer than a supermodel after a months starvation diet) chance I may go with them again when the 200sx is back with a vengeance but it would have to beat everyone else by a significant amount and not the 2 or so that they ususally do.

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