Hi Guys,

After seeing some of your other package prices you have offered it has definitely interested me in buying from you!
Please can you give me a nice price for the following package:

All parts are for Nissan GTi-R SR20DET:

CP Pistons 86.5 (8:5:1)
Eagle Rods (With machine work to fit 19mm bearing)
ACL Main and Race Bearings (not sure if std or slightly oversized yet)
Tomei / Apexi 86.5mm 1.4-1.6mm headgasket
GReddy rocker arm stoppers
Tomei 260 or 264 cams (in + exh)
ARP Headstuds
Supertech springs + retainers (or other brand)

If you can also supply OEM nissan parts for the GTi-R please also add:

Full gasket kit
Oil pump (complete)
Timing chain
Water pump
Oil pump drive collar? (if not supplied with pump)
Pulley Belt - Water Pump/Power Steering Nissan 11950 54C00
Pulley Belt - Alternator/Air Conditioner Nissan 11920 53J00
Umbrella 96546-76M00

If you could please list the prices for me as I may swap and change slightly but that is the general list of what I require, just a quick reminder all parts are for the GTi-R sr20.

You can email me at wizkidstew@googlemail.com if you prefer to send the quote there.

Thank you in advance