Ladies and Gents of the SXOC, as the forum/club in some form has been ongoing for around ten years now we thought we should have a 'Greatest Hits' thread.

We've come up with a few suggestions of our own, but we'd also like your help in populating it. Please post any suggestions with links for consideration in this section.

Please note that those threads marked with an asterisk will only be visible to club members

Comedy Gold
A 'stolen' S14a
Ex-mod has his S13 'stolen'
SXOC invades the Chuckle Brothers forum
The infamous Turbo Hamster thread
Fast and the Furious - UK-Style
* Ex-mod pulled for drink-driving
Rep underseals his engine bay
*NW Rep involved in high-speed pursuit
*The lads Stevenage Sig thread..... - apologies for image fails - archived below
The Stevenage SR Emotion sigs
*Dr Dogging
Chris Bangle and Ross Brawn invade SXOC
Washing an engine block in the dishwasher
Terrible Poetry Thread

John Benneettnnneeett classics
How a Volvo estate should look
Nissan photoshopping
Illustrated Backwards Elephant Fisting

SXOC loves cockney car 'expert'
Brewer 1
*Brewer 2
Brewer 3
Brewer 4
Brewer 5
Brewer 6

SXOC Club Spirit
Kiruji loves the sheepuuu
Irish Reps Car rebuild 1 Irish Reps Car rebuild 2

Classic Project Threads
Jesus-Ninja's epic garage build
Petrol's S14a refurb