My T28 smokes after extensive idling and there is allot of oil in the inlet-trajectory. So clearly the seals have gone and its going to get worse.

So I decided to rebuild it while its still quite 'ok' , thus the play being in tolerance.

I bought this kit off eBay

I was reading how to rebuild it and wondered how people got on with it here so did some searching.

Surprisingly I found allot of people don't recommend rebuild kits and some say it just starts smoking after. Allot claim you need to get it re-balanced persť after a rebuild. However some say theirs is running strong for 10k, without balancing on a machine but by reassembling in exact order (marking comp-wheel and housing) as it came off so you achieve the 'balanced' state it was.

So this got me doubting whether to or not to rebuild it.

My question

Most threads were old so I wonder if there are new experiences concerning this? Have people successfully rebuilt their turbo's or are there more failed units after a rebuild kit as the one I posted above.

I deliberately didn't buy a 360degree or other generic kit as I suspect they are from China/Taiwan. However these might be as well but given the shops reputation I have allot of confidence in the kit's quality.