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    Club and Forum Staff


    Chairman: Docwra

    Treasurer: Docwra
    Secretary: Jim
    Events Admin: Kieran E1
    Trade Admin: Clint
    Media and PR Admin: ChrisCooke
    IT Support: Vigilant Teste

    Events Team:

    Events Organiser: Kieran_E1
    Catering Manager: Cornwall
    TOTB Contingent Organiser: Scottie

    Media Team:
    Media Designer: Davus200
    Website Developer and Social Networker: Vigilant Teste
    Social Networker: Chriscooke
    Blog Manager: Chriscooke
    Bloggers: Contact Chriscooke

    Head Moderator Team:

    Senior Head Moderator: Dr Bob

    Head Moderators:

    Vidal Babboon
    LED sandwich


    Ireland: Clint & NismoNut
    Scotland: Kev, TinnySteve & S14 Stu
    North West & North Wales: GaryP & AP2 with assitance from Scottie
    North East & Yorks: Vigilant Teste & CMR
    South Wales: pdh 14a & Vidal Baboon
    West Midlands: Driftin Ste & misterjake
    East Midlands: CleanHands
    East Anglia: slip n slide
    West Country:Chriscooke
    South West: Evilchap
    Home Counties: TheBigShow & LED sandwidge
    Essex & Kent: p.nicholas with assistance from Mark
    Berks & Oxon: Def
    Dorset & Hants: Pointz
    Sussex & Surrey: zeldoz

    Other Staff:

    Discount Rep: Scottie
    Member services Rep: Kieran E1
    Membership Admins: Jon
    Merchandise Rep: Vigilant Teste

    So what do the colours mean?

    You have probably noticed some members have different coloured usernames, this is to determine which usergroup they fall into. Users will be coloured to their highest ranked usergroup.

    Comittee These guys run the club and make all the day to day decisions that effect it. The also deal with any complaints about head moderators.
    Head Moderators These guys run the forum and oversee all areas of it. any issues about the forum should be direct to one of these guys.
    Club Representatives These help run the club and hold a position that isn't on the committee (area rep, discount rep, trade rep etc)

    You can also identify Club Members and SXOC Authorised Traders by their colours
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