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Thread: Japanese Performance Parts Suppliers

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    Japanese Performance Parts Suppliers

    Did you know that all of the major brand performance parts that you buy in the UK can be got for much less in Japan? The savings are considerable.

    Few examples taken from my own experience

    Defi Link BF
    Oil Pressure: UK=245 (not delivered) / Japan=114 (delivered)
    Oil Temp: UK=185 (not delivered) / Japan=88 (delivered)
    Control Unit II: UK=105 (not delivered) / Japan=51 (delivered)

    Blitz SBC iColor
    UK=750ish (not delivered) / Japan=349 (delivered)

    GReddy M Spec FMIC
    UK=400ish (not delivered) / Japan 320 (delivered)

    Just a few, but I think you get the idea...

    Here's the main performance parts suppliers who ship direct from Japan.

    Nengun Performance

    Nengun and Greenline are excellent on pricing, but its always worth checking. Nengun and Perfectrun with give you a price delivered. The others will advise the shipping cost at order, but give you an indication on their shipping page.

    Be warned that Nengun have gained a reputation for taking quite a while to process you order, obtain goods (they rarely have stock) and send it too you. Don't order from them if you're in a hurry. If you can wait, the prices make it worthwhile

    The quickest I've received something is 4 days, from order to my doorstep. That was with Perfectrun, who are consistently fast.

    Due to shipping costs (see here for a idea), it is obviously more worthwhile if you order several items to reduce the costs.

    Every parts order placed outside the EU is subject to VAT. IF your delivery is selected for inspection by customs, it will be subject to VAT on the LISTED VALUE shown on the parcel PLUS a Parcelfarce hadling charge (currently 13). I have found that, on average, about one in four of my deliveries have been checked. How the goods are described and where there are delivered play a very important part... If duty is due, you will receive a letter informing you, and telling how to make payment.

    Saying all that, you will usually still find that its cheaper, even when paying duty and handling

    There will be a commission charge depending on your method of payment.

    Also bear in mind that you are not covered by UK warranties and guarantees. You will need to check with the supplier what their returns policy is.
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