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    APT Diagnostics

    APT have invested in Diagnostics equipment that allows us to carry out fault-finding on many Makes and Models of car, not just Nissan.

    In addition to the Sun Modis, which is arguably the most advanced piece of equipment available, putting us practically on par with Main Dealers, we are also in possession of the Nissan Consult, which is the OE Tool for later Nissans. Combined with our Sun Exhaust Gas Analyser, Snap-On Stroboscope and Motec Wideband Lambda Reader we are capable of diagnosing most Faults.

    Our basic Diagnostic charge is 50. This is for a Static check.

    We also have a 4-wheel-drive Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road set-up and can offer a multitude of services as a result.

    A 'Full' Tune starts from 100. This involves checking the cars Ignition Timing and Emissions before carrying out a detailed appraisal of the cars boost and fuelling and making adjustments where possible/practical.

    The allocation of time for the above services at the prices specified is approximately 1 hour. We are very fair and flexible, although if we do spend a long time diagnosing a tricky-to-find problem, we may make an additional Labour Charge.

    This service can be carried out while-you-wait.


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