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    SXOC Event staging guidelines

    This is intended to give those who wish to organise an event for or on behalf of the Nissan 200sx owners club (SXOC) and is there to give guidance to such people as well as underlining the importance to potential participants of being 100% co-operative.

    It is suggested that these simple guidelines are followed to avoid potential complications and also contact one or other of the events team, Mark and/or SM and let them know of your plans, they may well be in a position to help

    When booking:

    Where possible, try to book the event without leaving a deposit. You would be amazed at what a little sweet talking can do, if you can find common ground and have a little banter, these people will bend over backwards to accommodate your every need (however this may not be possible).

    If a deposit is required, ask when it is needed, you will have to find time to collect this money.

    Do not book ANYONE onto an event with out either receiving a non-refundable deposit/full payment upfront. This may seem a little harsh, but this one place may be the decider whether to run the event, or worse even leaving you out of pocket.


    Said non-refundable deposit should be the cost of the deposit, divided by the minimum number of participants and you should make it such that the deposit is ONLY put down when you have all the money required for it.

    A deposit should be taken for all events regardless of whether those staging the event on your behalf require one or not.

    Reserve lists

    People should ONLY be put on the attendance listings if they have paid either a deposit, or the full amount up front. Do not waste your time putting people on the list without taking payments.

    Also cross reference people who are on the SXOC Events Blacklist. This will contain the following groups of people:

    Individuals that bring the clubs name into disrepute with behaviour at said events.

    Those who, when given flexibility with payments, have to be continually chased for payments.

    People who put there name down for most events and never pay or attend.

    Those with a rubber cheque book, or non-clearing paypal funds.

    Again you can use this at your digression, it is there merely as a guide to help you. If you find yourself on this list, it is up to yourself to redeem yourself however you seem fit. We will not enter into discussion or arguments with said individuals with relation to your listed status

    Sending events items through the post

    Have a contingency, if you are sending track packs though the post for example, can you provide spares incase of lost or late postal deliveries.

    Consider offering special delivery as an option, it guaranteed next day delivery for less than 4. There are cheaper alternatives, but from experience, recorded is just as slow and unreliable as first class post!

    Event cancellation

    If you cant raise the deposit, the event is a non-starter, do not hesitate to cancel at this early stage.

    If you do not raise the full amount, within two weeks of final payment, PULL THE EVENT. Do not hesitate to do this. One of two things will happen, you either end up cancelling the event, or payments will miraculously appear.

    Taking payments

    Some advice from experience:

    Cheques are good, you don’t cash them till you have too, which means they pay off the event balance straight away. They also bounce, which is bad mmmkay.

    Payments into your personal account are fast and convenient, but end up in with your money, which you may spend.

    Paypal is great, remember to add the 4% surcharge on and your laughing. You can buy things with paypal, so discipline yourself.

    Be careful, manage this money well!

    Ticket touting
    If a member has purchased a subsidised ticket they can only re sell to another member. Anyone caught selling to non members will be added to the events black list

    SXOC Stands
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