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  1. BUMP! Having done some chasing under the car,...


    Having done some chasing under the car, there are no wires heading to the speed sensor and there isnt a connector on the speed sensor... Can i just hardwire from the speed sensor direct onto...
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    SR Boost Gauge/Controller Feed

    Hello, Hope everyones keeping well in Isolation and working on your S Body's!

    Asked this on another page regarding where to branch off for the Boost Gauge on an SR,

    Can you go off the front of...
  3. 93 200sx S13 with SR20DET Swap - Speedo not working?

    Hi Guys,

    Recently acquired my first 200sx 2 weeks ago, so a newbie to all of this!

    The car has been a project car for the previous owner who fitted a SR20DET engine out of an S14. Theres quite...
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