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Race Systems
22-07-2015, 18:12

As it says guys. The Pluto ECU comes complete with harnesses, 2.5 bar map sensor, idle control and 4 way coil driver as well as trigger wheel firmware controller and software.

Great for your SR20DET or CA18DET !

Pluto Features

Note that these are all the current features covered by the Pluto. There are some on the charts that are in the process to be developed in the future but the hardware has the capability for it. Also note that not all of the features may be included on the same ECU as there is limited amount of drivers available.

Fuel Delivery

Accurate fueling such as batch, Split Batch, and Split Sequential gives better performance and fuel consumption due to constant atomisation on each cylinder.
Fuelling is done in graph or matrix method for the tuners preference.
All graphs or matrix data are interpolated to smooth fuel calculation accuracy for best performance though the operating ranges.
Fuel is calculated with MAP sensor or TPS versus RPM signals or a combination of the 2. This will accommodate most engines ranging from street to racing and from economy to performance.
Other sensors that are used to alter the fuel mixture are Water, Air, Altitude, Lambda, Battery Volts and throttle response.
Fuel injection timing is adjustable on gear type crank angle sensors as low as 12 pulses per revolution.
Adjustable MAP sensor reading angle for multiple throttle body systems.
Two types of micro fuel injection methods (staged injectors) namely Ratio adjust or Graph Fazed method.
Ignition Spark & Timing

The ECU can manage Single & Multi Coil Spark Systems
Use standard coil packs on the engine.
Can be connected to most coils without internal drivers directly. The latter requires a pull-up resistor.
Very accurate ignition timing especially with the gear type triggers.
Timing is calculated with MAP sensor or TPS versus RPM signals or a combination of the 2. This will accommodate most engines ranging from street to racing.
Other sensors that are used to alter the Ignition Timing is Water, Air and Altitude,
Battery Volts is used to compensate for coil charge time.

The ECU can use most standard sensors on the engine No need to do modify distributors or install converter boards.
Custom Bolt-On Timing Gears may be used for older engines that run carburetors or engines with incorrect setups. Gear type triggers do make timing more accurate and responsive during blip conditions. This is the preferred method for racing applications.
Sensors can be calibrated to accommodate the different types found on the engines.

Idle Control & Cold Start – This functions will ease with starting a cold engine and keep the RPMs constant when air conditioners or automatic transmissions draw power from the engine. Idle control is included on board for one and two wire idle valves. The Spitronics stepper control units can be connected to control quad and bipolar stepper motors.

Launch Control – This feature will increase boost pressure during pull-off to eliminate Turbo Lag. Various methods are available to activate launch like buttons clutch switches TPS position etc.

Two General Purpose Outputs – This can be used for injectors, fan control, shift light, Aircon Cut-Out on Pull-Off or Up-Hill etc.

Compact Electronics – This will make the ECU easy to install under the dashboard as it takes very little space.

Complete Kits for Most Engines.

Cost Effective – No need to buy expensive systems as all the necessary features are included with the ECU.

Rotary Systems – The 2 & 3 rotar engines are covered by this ECU.

External Map Sensor is easy to change between 1Bar, 2.5Bar, 3Bar & 4Bar configurations External sensors are used to reduce the delay in the vacuum signal It makes the ECU more versatile to adapt to standard MAP sensors found on engines.

Altitude Compensation – This feature is important as the ECU will automatically compensate for differences in pressure.

Standard Tuning Software – Any features that are not used or allowed in the tuning software will be blanked out.

Easy DIY Instructions – Save a lot of money on installation if you are a person who is up to the challenge.

Start-Up Maps included – This will make for easy start-up & tuning with the help of a Lambda sensor

User Friendly – Tuning Software which is extensively explained in the manual.

Tuning map can be locked to prevent tampering. Useful for engine builders to give guarantees.

No Dyno Required – Tune your own vehicle and save some more money. Just following the instructions in the manual carefully.

(Note that the last four points are for the competent mechanic only. If you are not sure, download the software, Map, manual and drawing and experiment with it first. It’s free of charge!)

Race Systems
31-07-2015, 12:37
Also great for anyone going Turbo on an MX5!