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06-10-2009, 16:29
SVN Drift
Available in the following fitments:
18x9 et30
18x10 et30

I have these on my car, and they're brilliant :D

06-10-2009, 16:50
i really like these, price on 4 18x9 please in gunmetal

06-10-2009, 16:55
840 retail, SXOC discount get you them for 756 :)

Bad news is you can have Bronze or Matt Grey currently...

If you fancy Matt Grey (As pictured on my car above) you can have a used set we have for 550 delivered, only a tiny mark on 1.

06-10-2009, 17:25
sorry i thought they we're gunmetal, the ones on your car are the ones i like. Any pics of the mark on 1 wheel?

06-10-2009, 18:52
I will get a pic :) It's not bad, just where the lip touched a kerb I think :)

07-01-2010, 13:28
These have now been re-designed a little...

Fronts and Rears look like this :D:


That much dish all the way round. Colour pictured is Titanium Chrome.

Mad Man Dan
07-01-2010, 16:15
Nice! :cool:

Width, Offset and Price?

What PCDs are these available in?

07-01-2010, 16:19
5114 only

17x8 ET35
18x10 ET30
18x9 ET25 (to look like above)
18x9 ET30 to have slightly less dish

Mad Man Dan
07-01-2010, 16:48
So I'm guessing that's a 10x18 et30 in the photo?

I can't get my head around how the offsets are similar to before but there's more dish :wack: Have you taken material from the hub mounting?

Weird, as I was looking at these again last night - there's a nice blue Impreza in the states on matt black 10x18s.

ps - how much dish do the 10J (+30) and 9 (+25) x 18s have in inches? Are they in stock now? Ta.

07-01-2010, 16:58
They're in stock now.

They've had a redesign, I dont know how they got the extra dish etc... but it's there, so there we go!

We cant get every colour and size combination in every wheel, we already have 12,000+ wheels in stock, and are really just scratching the surface ;) We go for what's going to be popular, or cool...

I'll have to go measure the dish, not sure on it currently, will report back :)