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Meet the SXOC staff! Part 5

This edition of meet the staff is with Cleanhands


• Current Staff Position?

East Midlands Rep

• Real World Name?


• Location?

Worksop, Notts.

• When and why did you join the SXOC?

Jan 2008. Had been loitering for a couple of years and finally decided to jump into a Tech thread as someone didn’t understand something.

• What car/s do you currently own?

Late ’94 s13 and a Micra Sport SR (Yeah the fast one)

• What is your dream car?

Too many to name but I’d like a V12 Vantage as a DD

• What are your Top 3 Club Members Rides?


• What’s your favorite thing about the SXOC?

Helpful friendly people, good events and banter.