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Autosport International 2012

On a very early Saturday morning, me and my old mate Mike the Viking manned up to brave the frosty weather and headed up to the Birmingham NEC in search of what’s hot in motor sport for 2012, hoping to spot a few nice s-bodies in the process! We hit the road at some god awful time and made our way tup north (yes Birmingham is north to us!). Not been to the NEC for some time and forgot how massive it really is with it taking some 20 minutes just to get from the car to the entrance!!! once in we were greeted by what can only be described as awesome, the carbon fibre on this Saker was just beautiful.

Onward into the show and we soon got lost in the maze of shiny custom parts and pretty ladies, so much so we nearly lost track of time and missed the live show. The show was as expected, loud, fast and full of excitement. Our first sighting of an s-body was the second car brought out and was a standard s13 drifting doughnuts around Mr Plato. Sadly due to my amateur photo skills, I failed to capture a pic but did manage to get this time attack GTR.

Back to the show and back on the search for the s-bodies. With so many machines and so much going on it’s easy to miss what’s right in front of you, we did however find these two beauties:

Acorn Motorsport Division’s S13



The Maxxis drift s14a

We popped into see our friends at PPC to find them not selling their rendition of “the best thing since sliced bread” but using the free time to work on their cars and to boot they had a keg of hobgobblin on the go. They were also the only stand advertising for spectators to touch their cars and get involved. Loving the way way you rolls guys and thanks for the overs.

In all it was a great show, lots of quality machinery and engineering, from custom made adjustable rear arms to stand alone ecu and data logging, it really has got me thinking of more mental ideas for my s13. Still uploading and sifting though photos, so check out this thread for more pics from the show.