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SXOC On Track: Abingdon October 2016

Friday the 14th October saw the last trackday of 2016 at Abingdon airfield, it was a fantastic day and much fun was had by all that attended!
The day was hosted by and we couldn’t of asked for a better host, their organisation was spot on, the staff were friendly and the atmosphere was great.
We got more than enough seat-time and the day went smoothly with no hiccups (bar my spin and some cooked brakes!)
We are now in the process of organising the 1st trackday of 2017 of which will be SXOC only.
So for a full day on track at an extremely reasonable price please follow the link to get involved and support the club.
Click to join our next trackday at SXOC On Track: Llandow Circuit in the spring