September in the West-country area means only one thing to our local SXOC’ers and the one thing in question is the “Forge Summer Performance Car Action Day” at Castle Combe.

The action days at combe have been well supported over the years by our west-country area members and this year was no exception with some stunning cars both on show and pounding around the infamous Castle Combe circuit, most of which enjoyed the Subsidised track time and entry from the SXOC!!


For those that don’t know the Forge Action days they are basically a Japfest style event held twice a year but one where every performance orientated car is welcomed. This makes for an extremely good varied show with something on show for all tastes from Peugeot 205 gti’s to Mercedes Black Editions and Mk1 Escort Mexico’s!


This year saw more track time for the drifters with several BDC drivers in attendance as well as a few from the retro drift championship which put a new slant on things and added to the action!


The SXOC will be attending both of the action days again next year so keep your eye on the Westcountry area on the forum for details.


What can I say? But what a day!

After watching the BDC at Knockhill on Sunday,  Monday was a chance for the BDC guys to try out Driftland, many for the first time.

Driftland with BDC
There were only 4 drivers on track that did not have their licence.

I have uploaded some photos and vids to this thread, along with any that the guys at Dori Labs put up.

The speed of entries was epic. It really was great to watch, not just drive.

I myself have now conquered the big corner top end of third, which I’m really pleased about. The more and more seat time the better! Role on SXOC’s own Crail day in October!

Driftland with BDC


Click here for more pics from me and the guys at Dori Labs.
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SXOC Weekender 2013



So the weekend that was. After the success of previous Weekenders there were some big shoes to fill to ensure the ongoing success and growth of the event. This year we were at the fabulous Anglesey race track in North Wales. The weather in the run up to the weekend was great and didn’t disappoint when we invaded.

After the frivolities of Friday night arrival and a quiet drink, we awoke to glorious sunshine on Saturday morning. As the cars lined up for their sighting laps, we were GO!!!!

The day passed almost entirely without incident on track and everyone, novice and track veteran alike, had a great day. Few notable highlights were Ken trying to set fire to his car (a power steering fluid leak dealt with quickly and expediently by the marshals) and Anthony Rickson (aka Giblets), in his mental Westfield, trying to kill the yours truly!!! Other track antics to note were a certain black S14a who had obvious ‘issues with grip’ as he spent a large portion of the day sideways with smoke billowing off his tyres, and a certain MR2 driven by what we can only assume was a blind hooligan. But most importantly everyone had a ball and the marshals were delighted by the driving standard and track etiquette.

That leads us onto the Saturday night. First off , the team competitions. Algie had organised it’s a knockout style competition for some prizes. As usual everyone got into the spirit of the evenings entertainment and got stuck in. Later in the evening in true SXOC fashion, we partied and we partied hard. Smoke machine, laser show, cocktail bar, live DJ set, naked dancing, streakers and general banter. Everyone had a ball, got involved and had a laugh.

Sunday morning/afternoon and it’s chillout time Sundays are always seen as a relaxed slower paced day and with the beautiful scenery and sunshine everyone was in great spirits and had a smile on their face (or maybe still a little drunk??). As usual we had our charity raffle on the Sunday, which raised £570 for race to recovery. This was only made possible by the generous support of our traders and all those who donated prizes which could only be matched by the generosity of the members who bought tickets.

For those who travelled farthest or have been doing this longest the traditional Sunday nights are a good time to catch up and chill out to a camp fire and some music. The usual suspects (and antics) ensued and it capped off a memorable weekend. We all headed home on Monday with some epic memories of a smashing track, a fabulous track day and as usual night time activities, which always leave an indelible impression. If you don’t mark 2014′s event on your calendar as a must do, you’re an idiot! See you there!!!

Thanks to all who helped make this happen and to my lovely wife for all her help and support!!!!

The honours

Trophies went to…

Best S Body awards
1. Mapboy for his stunning Sil80 – The attention to detail!
2. LED Sandwich for his beautifully turned out RS13 200SX
3. Jon for his daily driven 210k S14. A real testament to the marques durability and how to make it work for you.

Best Non-S Body Award
Giblets’ Westfield

Chairman’s Choice
Clive’s V8 powered S14 drift car

Court Jester
Legendary Giblets for outrageous drunken behaviour in the face of common sense

Stig Of The Weekend
Kieran O’Quick for pushing his almost standard S14a to its limit all day.

Full features on all the trophy cars coming very soon to these pages!

SXOC made its 5th visit to Duxford in 2013 after a brief absence last year. It always proves to be a good show with a wide mix of vehicles on display from vintage Rollers and Bentleys up to brand new AMG Mercs and Mustangs. This year was no different with old Mercs and BMWs nicely mixing it with brand new M5s and C55s as well as Escort Cosworths, Dodge Vipers and a fine display on the Pistonheads stand that included a Ferrari 360 and a DB9 Volante plus the odd Lotus and TVR.

The club managed a good spread of cars and had at least one each of S13 pre and post facelift, 14 and 14a as well as a Civic, Cappacino, MR2 and Discovery lerking at the back. Well thats enough chat, let the photos do the talking…..

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