Spotlight On Our Traders – Rarerims



Rarerims was founded in 2003, as the sole importer of Rota wheels into the UK, and is now the sole distributor for Rota throughout Europe.

The business was started off supplying correct fitment, lightweight wheels for the Honda and Subaru markets initially.

Since then the business has quickly developed, and as well as supplying Retail customers, we now have a wide dealer network operating over the UK and Europe.

Their ranges have expanded since the early days – they have revolutionised the British drift and Euro scenes with lightweight, affordable wheels available in a huge range of widths and offsets.

With wheels in stock from 15×6.5 up to 18×12

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and 19×10.5 Rarerims have a wheel for almost all cars, including a huge range for all S-bodies.


Currently Rarerims sponsor many of the top UK drifts teams, and you can see their wheels being used enthusiastically by Team Green, Team Redmist, Team Lassa Tyres and many many more!


Keep an eye on their SXOC section, Blog and Facebook pages for news on the latest designs!



Members cars! Nash’s

Nash’s Uk 200sx s14a – JDM Zenki Silvia – JDM Kouki Silvia Project

Many people will recognise Nash’s ongoing s14 project from the forum, below are a few snap shots of how it’s progressed over the years in all of it’s different guises. See the Link at the bottom for the full forum Project thread.

This is the car that Nash’s went to view


I originally had around 6k to spend on a 14a, and i thought id easily get a mint one with a few mods fairly quickly. i was wrong, i religiously searched pistonheads and sxoc for 9-10 months every day. nothing came up for sale that i really liked, and the ones i did, sold really quickly. the one good thing about waiting this long was that the whole time i was looking i was saving more money, so by the time i found one i had around 9k to spend. wasn’t really to keen on spending that much really but when s14 dave on here put his up for sale, i just had to have it.
so within a few days and numerous pm`s to dave i was on my way to view it. this was the first 200 i was viewing so wasn’t really sure what to expect, but judging by the pics in the for sale thread it looked a minter. one thing id say to anyone looking for the right 200 is that you’ve got to be prepared to travel. its a 520mile round trip for me but was totally worth it imo (oh and thanks for abbott for borrowing his dad`s car to go view the car).
anyway got up to whitby and pulled into the car park where dave and his 200 were sittin, and i instantly new id buy it. the car was immaculate and i couldn’t fault it


Then in 2010 Nash’s started to do a quality refresh of the uk s14a.


Looking good, yet there’s more to come….



Then in 2013 this happened :D


One of the final pics of the uk s14a as a full car :(

Ever since abbott’s tried to convince me to buy this of him a few years back ive regretted it ever since:(. after spending a lot of time with abbott putting the car together originally its safe to say i know the car pretty well (abbotts build thread for those who havent seen it yet [url][/url] ) then to my surprise another local friend of mine (ANDYRED) bought the car a year or so later.

andys recently had a change of heart with the car so once again the car was for sale. this time i wasnt going to let this car slip away yet again. so a quick call to andy and the car/shell was mine:D

andy never intended to sell the car as a whole which to most seems a crime but we all know these cars are worth more in bits these days:(. this actually suited me fine as my intention with this car is to swap aload of my bits from the red one onto the white one. this tbh was the hardest decision i had to make as i love the red one to bits and its a shame that all the plans i had for it now wont happen, however in the long run the white car is a much better shell with a lot more potential……

Some progress was made and here Nash’s is test fitting the S14a front from

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the red car to the Zenki shell


Now with the added bonus of a full Jdm Front bumper and Gracer lip set up :D


Over the months Nash’s has been working hard to make the new car in to an absolutely mint example of an S-body with an attention detail that most can only dream of being able to achieve.


Click the link below to Nash’s forum project thread where you can see this project in far greater detail and how it concludes……

Build thread

Meet the SXOC staff! Part 4

This edition of meet the staff is with Kieran_e1


• Current Staff Position?

Events Committee Rep

• Real World Name?


• Location?

Glasgow – ish

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• When and why did you join the SXOC?

August 2003 iirc

• What car/s do you currently own?

Audi a6 , Nismo juke and a driveway space for the next s body ( which hopefully by the time you read this is here )

• What is your dream car?

One of those crazy 2000bhp lambo things from america

• What are your Top 3 Club Members Rides?

Ken’s car
Ken’s car
Ken’s car

• What’s

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your favorite thing about the SXOC?

The fact that I have made friends for life, I am the godfather to another members child, and can pick up the phone at 4am to scream abuse to folks 500 miles away because we are that good mates.

Meet the SXOC Staff! Part 3

This time with meet the SXOC staff is misterjake


• Current Staff Position?

North East & Yorkshire Rep

• Real World Name?


• Location?

Scunthorpe / Dewsbury / Huddersfield

• When and why did you join

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the SXOC?

Had a lapse in common sense for my 21st birthday, bought an S14a

• What car/s do you currently own?


99 S14a / 92 MX-5

• What is your dream car?


I want to say an R32 four door, but id settle for pretty much anything Jap from the 70s/80s. As long as its RWD.

• What are your Top 3 Club Members Rides?


YannG’s car was one of the

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first I saw on the forum, really caught my eye as I like the smooth USDM look.
Clives V8 Kouki. I live the Navan kit, I love that engine, dribble dribble dribble.

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hard to choose a third, because I love the type-X kit on a 180sx. There are quite a few examples on here and I cant nail down a particular one

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What’s your favorite thing about the SXOC?


The attitude. 99% of the people on here will share their spare time, knowledge, parts, you name it. Its rare to find a place where so many different styles of vehicle (particularly based on a single model!) are accepted.

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