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Event Report – Scottish Rolling Road Day

Scots burning up the rollers!!!

Kev pops flames on the rollers

It had been a LONG time since we had visited “Dastek” in Dalgety Bay, Fife. So long in fact that the company had become Performance HQ, had a new Mainline dyno installed and had a new, very experienced Dyno operator in the guise of Russ Paton. There was a rather eclectic mix of cars ranging from Ryan”s ultra rare JZX110 Chaser to a rather pimp looking A4 TDi, plus lots of S-Bodies, a few Fiat Coupés, Focus ST”s, Type R”s and more thrown in for good measure.

After a quick briefing and the usual signing of wavers the day got started. First to take to the Rollers was Stevie-b and his rather spotless S14a. It put out a healthy 236whp with 252lbft, it had set the benchmark. S14a followed S14a, each posting a good figure on the board which peaked with Joey”s 317whp with 327ft/lb. Not only that be he would then do a 2nd run at the end of the day and claim the most powerful car of the day…… just, with 330whp with 337ft/lb.
S14a hits the rollers

From the S13s there were 2 high powered cars to do some runs, Kev”s and Campbell”s (2BobRocket) both giving 300 whp, showing that the trusty CA”s still have life in them casino yet!

After the S-Bodies it came time to run the rest. The dyno was alive with the sound of the 5

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cylinders of the STs and Fiat Coupés all giving great figures. Surpise of the day was a Mk4 Astra with a V6 in it, we all got a little shock thats for sure. Finishing off the day were the 4WD runners (A nice clean very quiet Impreza and a subtle looking GTiR), I appreciate your patience chaps as you waited all day and what a long day that was.
Pulsar GTiR on the rollers
Dynos although great for giving figures to spout at the pub have also been proven as great diagnostic tools, which for tinnysteve and Paddy was a good thing. Their runs were aborted due to fuelling issues. Running on the dyno may have saved their engines, lets hope they get their issues sorted quickly.
S13 hits the rollers

As organiser I”d like to say thank you to all who came. Hope to see you all again at future events.

For all pictures and power/torque figures see the thread: HERE


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Alfaholical's 1967 SR'd Alfa GT

Jim (Alfaholical) had the idea after a few beers and a conversation with a member of PPC magazine staff to modify his classic 1967 Alfa GT stepnose into the car he always wanted it to be, “Pretty classic lines but something interesting to make it go faster”.

In his project thread Jim explains that there have been many transplant projects done to these cars in the past including twin sparks, V6″s etc, but in his pursuit of making his dream car Jim found out that to get any real power via this route you have to spend big bucks and that still leaves the original gearbox which is the weakest link. It was then that Jim stumbled across a transplant that a Greek fellow living in Australia had done (SR20DET into a 1973 Bertone).

“Everything looked so right under the bonnet and there was a tentative link between Nissan and Alfa (Alfa Arna was basically a joint Alfa / Nissan project) so that maintains the heritage link”

A Donor car for the engine was found in the form of an accident damaged s14. The engines were soon out and placed side by side for a comparison.

It became apparent that the engines were in fact of very similar dimensions and when it came to the first test fit the SR actually landed on the Alfa’s original engine mounts. This meant that the originality of the car could be mostly maintained giving any future owner the opportunity to return it to standard if so desired.

Due to restricted space in the engine bay Jim decided that going for a top mounted turbo would be necessary, having to convert the manifold from a T3 to a T2 flange in the process.

With all this added power Jim thought it would be prudent to upgrade the safety aspect of the car. “This was an area I was not willing to accept (the one area I wasn”t going to compromise to maintain originality is safety). So a roll cage and decent belts and seats are a must”

With the car almost complete it was time to get the it to Jez at H-Dev for it’s final map and full suspension set up, “It now runs 17psi of boost and has nearly three times as much power as when it left the factory”

With the casino online car now finished it was time to start enjoying it. Jim entered it in to the Angoulemerally In france

I’m sure some of you are aware but Jims car has made it on to the cover of PPC this month with a cracking write up. Good to see all of Jims hard work getting the credit

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it deserves. Below are a couple of pictures from the PPC shoot.

If you want to see more of Jims fabulous Alfa pick up a copy of this months PPC magazine, or why not check out the full build right here on the SXOC

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Autosport International 2012

On a very early Saturday morning, me and my old mate Mike the Viking manned up to brave the frosty weather and headed up to the Birmingham NEC in search of what’s hot in motor sport for 2012, hoping to spot a few nice s-bodies in the process! We hit the road at some god awful time and made our way tup north (yes Birmingham is north to us!). Not been to the NEC for some time and forgot how massive it really is with it taking some 20 minutes just to get from the car to the entrance!!! once in we were greeted by what can only be described as awesome, the carbon fibre on this Saker was just beautiful.

Onward into the show and we soon got lost in the maze of shiny custom parts and pretty ladies, so much so we nearly lost track of time and missed the live show. The show was as expected, loud, fast and full of excitement. Our first sighting of an s-body was the second car brought out and was a standard s13 drifting doughnuts around Mr Plato. Sadly due to my amateur photo skills, I failed to capture a pic but did manage to get this time attack GTR.

Back to the show and back on the search for the s-bodies. With so many machines and so much going on it’s easy to miss what’s right in front of you, we did however find these two beauties:

Acorn Motorsport Division’s S13



The Maxxis drift s14a

We popped into see our friends at PPC to find them not selling their rendition of “the best thing since sliced bread” but using the free time to work on their cars and to boot they had a keg of hobgobblin on the go. They were also the only stand advertising for spectators to touch their cars and get involved. Loving the way way you rolls guys and thanks for the overs.

In all it was a great show, lots of quality machinery and engineering, from custom made adjustable rear arms to stand alone ecu and data logging, it really has got me thinking of more mental ideas for my s13. Still uploading and sifting though photos, so check out this thread for more pics from the show.

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2011 SXOC Xmas Prize Draw

Every year the club holds a FREE Xmas prize draw where every member gets free entry and can win anything from a baseball cap to £250 off a set of alloy wheels. This year was no exception with an awesome prize list kindly donated by our traders. If you missed it this year, dont worry there will more free prize draws throughout the year, you just need to be a member to be entered.

2011 Xmas Winners

Oh! and a massive thank you to these guys, check out their SXOC offers in

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