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Event Report – Scottish Rolling Road Day

Scots burning up the rollers!!!

Kev pops flames on the rollers

It had been a LONG time since we had visited “Dastek” in Dalgety Bay, Fife. So long in fact that the company had become Performance HQ, had a new Mainline dyno installed and had a new, very experienced Dyno operator in the guise of Russ Paton. There was a rather eclectic mix of cars ranging from Ryan”s ultra rare JZX110 Chaser to a rather pimp looking A4 TDi, plus lots of S-Bodies, a few Fiat Coupés, Focus ST”s, Type R”s and more thrown in for good measure.

After a quick briefing and the usual signing of wavers the day got started. First to take to the Rollers was Stevie-b and his rather spotless S14a. It put out a healthy 236whp with 252lbft, it had set the benchmark. S14a followed S14a, each posting a good figure on the board which peaked with Joey”s 317whp with 327ft/lb. Not only that be he would then do a 2nd run at the end of the day and claim the most powerful car of the day…… just, with 330whp with 337ft/lb.
S14a hits the rollers

From the S13s there were 2 high powered cars to do some runs, Kev”s and Campbell”s (2BobRocket) both giving 300 whp, showing that the trusty CA”s still have life in them casino yet!

After the S-Bodies it came time to run the rest. The dyno was alive with the sound of the 5

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cylinders of the STs and Fiat Coupés all giving great figures. Surpise of the day was a Mk4 Astra with a V6 in it, we all got a little shock thats for sure. Finishing off the day were the 4WD runners (A nice clean very quiet Impreza and a subtle looking GTiR), I appreciate your patience chaps as you waited all day and what a long day that was.
Pulsar GTiR on the rollers
Dynos although great for giving figures to spout at the pub have also been proven as great diagnostic tools, which for tinnysteve and Paddy was a good thing. Their runs were aborted due to fuelling issues. Running on the dyno may have saved their engines, lets hope they get their issues sorted quickly.
S13 hits the rollers

As organiser I”d like to say thank you to all who came. Hope to see you all again at future events.

For all pictures and power/torque figures see the thread: HERE